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Stand toe to toe with your corporate competitors with services similar to those an in-house IT department provides at a fraction of the cost!

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We Create Unique Websites That Look Great On Any Device

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what Can We Do For You?

Repair Technology Infrastructure

Repair of systems from each end-user to the point they connect to the internet.

Network Wiring

Installation and configuration of your LAN and /or wireless networks including its interface with your ISP.

Security Systems

Installationn and configuration of CCTV, coded secure entry and badge systems to control those who get into your facility and where in the facility they can go.

Help with PCI-DSS Audits

Give your customers assurance their payment information is safe. We can assist you in passing the daunting Payment Card Industry Data Security Systems audit.

Home Automation

Automate your home with services through Google Nest or hass.iio Home Assistant using a $35 Raspberry Pi.

24-7 Support Available

For companies under contract, Corporate or Small Business plans available. Otherwise support is available during normal business hours.

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